Proof progress and status overview

You can view information about how a proof is progressing through the review process and see an overall summary of the proof’s decision status from the Documents area.

Proof progress overview

Proof progress indicates the work done on a proof from the time you send the proof to recipients to the time they make a decision on the proof. The progress icons, S, O, C, and D, appear next to the proof name and provide information about the proof’s progress.

Progress icon


The proof has been sent to assigned recipients.
All assigned recipients open the proof or Proof details page.
Comments made

All assigned recipients make at least one comment on the proof.

If there are no reviewers assigned to the proof, the C  icon does not appear in the progress bar.

Decision made

All assigned approvers make a decision on the proof, All assigned approvers make a decision on the proof, unless the proof creator specifies only one decision is needed.

If there are no approvers (decision makers) designated for the proof, the D  icon does not appear in the progress bar.

The progress icons can appear in the following colors to indicate certain information about the proof’s progress:

  • Green: Complete.
  • White: Not complete.
  • Orange: Not complete and deadline is less than 24 hours.
  • Red: Not complete and past the deadline.

Proof status overview

The proof status displays the status of decisions that are required for the proof. The status of the proof is driven by the “worst case” participant. For example, suppose there are three decisions on the proof: two have the status of Accepted  and one has the status of Rejected. The “worst case” decision of Rejected over-rules the other decisions and the overall status of the proof is shown as Rejected.

The standard status options are as follows:

  • Pending
  • Approved
  • Approved with Changes
  • Changes Required
  • Not Relevant

If custom decisions are configured in your account, the status options reflect your custom decision settings.