Add projects to a portfolio

We recommend that you add projects to portfolios when you initiate them. However, you can add them to a portfolio at any time during their lifetime.

Consider the following when adding projects to portfolios:

  • Although a portfolio may contain an unlimited number of projects, you can associate only one portfolio with a project.
  • A project remains in a portfolio until it is removed or associated with another portfolio.

Access requirements

You must have the following access to perform the steps in this article:

Adobe Workfront plan*
Business or higher
Adobe Workfront license*
Access level configurations*

View access to Portfolios or higher

Edit access to Projects

Note: If you still don't have access, ask your Workfront administrator if they set additional restrictions in your access level. For information on how a Workfront administrator can change your access level, see Create or modify custom access levels.

Object permissions

View permissions to the portfolio

Manage permissions to the projects

For information on requesting additional access, see Request access to objects.

*To find out what plan, license type, or access you have, contact your Workfront administrator.

Add a project to a portfolio

  1. Go to a portfolio, then click Projects in the left panel.

  2. Click New Project and select a method for adding a project.

    note tip
    You cannot add project when you view the list of projects in the Milestone view.

    Select from the following options:

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    Existing Project Add a project that has already been created.
    New Project

    Add a new project.

    For more information about creating a new project, see Create a project.

    Import a Project from MS Project

    Add a project that you previously exported from MS Project and have saved on your computer.

    For more information about creating a new project by importing it from Microsoft Project, see Import a project from Microsoft Project.

    Request Project

    Request that a project is approved.

    For information about requesting projects, see Requesting a Project.

    New from Template

    Add a new project using an existing template.

    For more information about creating a project from a template, see Create a project using a template.

  3. (Conditional) If you selected to add an existing project, start typing the name of a project in the Add Projects box, then click them when they appear in the list. You may add several projects at a time.

  4. Click Add Projects.

    The project or projects you selected are now associated with the portfolio.