Duration Types in Adobe Workfront and Microsoft Project

The Duration Types available in Adobe Workfront are different than their counterparts in Microsoft Project which are called Task Types. This can be sometimes confusing when exporting or importing projects between Workfront and Microsoft Project.

For information about importing and exporting projects between Workfront and Microsoft Project, see the following articles:

Duration Types in Workfront and Microsoft Project

Workfront has four task duration types:

  • Simple
  • Effort Driven
  • Calculated Work
  • Calculated Assignment

For information, see Overview of Task Duration and Duration Type.

These duration types are not recognized by Microsoft Project. Currently, Microsoft Project has three Task Types similar to Duration Types in Workfront:

  • Fixed Units
  • Fixed Work
  • Fixed Duration

Duration Type changes when exporting from Workfront to MS Project

When exporting projects from Workfront to Microsoft Project, Effort Driven tasks become Fixed Work. Simple, Calculated Work, and Calculated Assignment become Fixed Units.

Duration Type changes when importing from MS Project to Workfront

When importing projects from Microsoft Project in to Workfront, Fixed Units become Effort Driven. Fixed Work and Fixed Duration receive the default duration type that your Workfront administrator selected for your system. For information, see Configure system-wide task and issue preferences.