2020.1 List enhancements

This page describes all enhancements made to Lists with the 2020.1 release. These enhancements are currently available in the Preview environment and will be made available in the Production environment in late March or early April, 2020.

For a list of all changes available with the 2020.1 release, see 2020.1 release overview.

New saving mode when making changes in a task list: the Timeline Planning mode

Depending on the size and complexity of your project, updating the task list, especially dates and durations, can take longer than desired. To make edits much faster, we have introduced a new saving option when editing tasks in a list called Timeline Planning mode. Prior to this mode, you could save the changes you made to your task lists either automatically with Autosave, or manually, when disabling the Autosave move.

Consider the following benefits when using the Timeline Planning mode for saving your changes in a task list:

  • Workfront applies a new view, with fewer fields to your task list. This ensures that you can focus on the most important fields that might affect the project timeline.
  • Submitting each change is faster than when using the Automatic or Manual save modes.
  • You can reverse your changes before you save them.

For more information about saving changes to a task list, see the “Edit tasks using the Timeline planning setting” section in the article Edit tasks in a list.

Updated look and feel of new lists

When these features were originally released to Preview, they were available for all reports and lists except the lists in the Setup and Reports areas. These features are now available only for Projects, Tasks, and Hours lists.

Projects, Tasks, and Hours lists now have an updated look and feel.

For information about viewing items in lists, see Get started with lists in Adobe Workfront.

Some of the updates include:

  • A quick filter to quickly find items in the list
  • A cleaner, grid-like design
  • Updated colors and fonts
  • Column headers are easier to read
  • The inline editing experience is easier to read

Improved navigation of all new lists with clear grouping differentiation

You can now see more clearly the differentiation between several layers of groupings in lists with a new color scheme. The grouping results are also outlined more clearly in a separate frame. This change has been applied to all the new lists.

For information about creating and customizing groupings, see Groupings overview in Adobe Workfront.

Highlight matching items in lists when using the quick filters

Finding items in lists is now faster: when you search for an item using quick filters the matching fields are highlighted in yellow in the results so you can clearly see what field value matches your keyword. The fields are highlighted in yellow in standalone fields, as well as shared columns and complex fields. Some examples of complex fields are Assignments, Assignments and Status, Percent Complete, Predecessors, Approvers and Status, Resource Managers, Categories, Condition, Condition Update etc.

For information about using quick filters, see Get started with lists in Adobe Workfront.

Limit users’ ability to edit Filter, View, and Grouping controls on lists and reports

Now you can use an access level to limit the ability that users have to edit the Filter, View, and Grouping controls on lists and reports. This is useful if you have custom fields that you want visible only to users at a certain access level.

For more information, see Grant access to filters, views, and groupings.

New More menu in the Updates area

Use the More menu on an update to:

  • Copy the body text of an update
  • Copy the direct link to an update thread or a single update
  • Delete an update

For more information, see Update work.

New progress bar in the Updates area

The percent complete progress bar in the updates area has a new look. Click and drag to update the percent, or double-click to manually input the number.

For more information, see Update work.

Display column headers of lists and reports in sentence case

In a previous release, we made a change that displayed all column headers in all capital letters when viewing a list or report. Based on the feedback we have received, we are now reverting this change. With this change, all column headers now display in sentence case.

New option for indicating how to display grouping results in lists

This option has been removed from the Workfront Classic Preview environment and will not be included in the 2020.1 release.

To give you more control over how you display your list results, you can now indicate whether you want the results in the grouping to be expanded or collapsed by default when you display the list or report. This option is available within the grouping builder in a list or report.

By default, the results display in an expanded list under the grouping.

Prior to this change, the results always displayed in a collapsed list.

For information about creating a grouping, see Groupings overview in Adobe Workfront.