Schedule of features no longer supported

Various features are being phased out of the Adobe Workfront product. Following is a brief description of each feature, links to additional information, and key dates to be aware of.

Feature or product area
Last release with new features
Key dates

Adobe Workfront Classic

More information to come.

With the 21.2 release

Last release with new feature enhancements in Classic with the 21.2 release

No longer supported on March 31, 2022

Internet Explorer support

With the removal of support for Internet Explorer, Workfront now officially supports Microsoft Edge.

For more information about supported browsers, see Adobe Workfront browser requirements.

With the 21.1 release
No longer supported with the 21.2 release

Resource Scheduling

Workload Balancer provides an improved experience in scheduling resources.

For more detailed information about the Workload Balancer, see Workload Balancer overview.

No longer supported on November 9, 2020 (with the 20.4 release)


Removed from the Workfront platform after the first half of 2022

Legacy Workfront Fusion

Workfront Fusion provides an improved experience from Legacy Workfront Fusion.

For more information about Workfront Fusion, see Adobe Workfront Fusion.

Removed from the Workfront platform on March 31, 2021


Various tools are now available in Workfront to as replacements for each Flash-based tool. For more detailed information, see Replacement of Flash-based tools in Adobe Workfront.

Removed from the Workfront platform on November 19, 2020