Share a program

Your Adobe Workfront administrator can grant you access to view or edit programs when assigning your access level. You must have a Plan license to have access to edit a program. For more information, see Grant access to programs.

Along with the access level that you are granted, you can also receive permissions to view or manage specific programs from users who can share them with you. For more information about access levels and permissions, see How access levels and permissions work together.

Permissions are specific to each item in Workfront and define which actions users can take on that item.

Considerations about sharing a program

In addition to the considerations below, also see Overview of sharing permissions on objects.

A Workfront administrator can add or remove permissions to any items in the system, for all users, without being the owner of those items.
  • The creator of a program has Manage permissions to it, by default.

  • You can share programs individually, or you can share several of them at a time.

    For more information about sharing items in Workfront, see Share an object.

  • You can only grant View or Manage permissions on programs.


  • When you share a program, users inherit the same permissions to all the children objects associated with the program, by default.

    For more information about the hierarchy of objects in Workfront, see Understand objects in Adobe Workfront.

  • You can remove inherited permissions from the program. For more information about removing permissions from objects, see  Remove permissions from objects.

Program permissions

The following table displays what permissions you can grant users when allowing them to view or manage a program:

Edit program details
View a program
Delete a program
Attach a Custom Form
Edit a custom field
Add or remove a project*
Approve a project
Add a document folder*
Add a document
Add updates/ comments
Share system-wide

*These permissions are controlled by the access level and permissions on other objects, like projects.