2020.1 Proofing enhancements

This page describes all Proofing enhancements with the 2020.1 release. These enhancements are currently available in the Preview environment and will be made available in the Production environment in late March or early April, 2020.

For a list of all changes available with the 2020.1 release, see 2020.1 release overview.

Updates to the measurement tool in the proofing viewer

To help meet the needs of users in compliance and regulated industries where strict guidelines apply, the following improvements are now available in the proofing viewer:

  • Editable diagonal selection field: Gives you more control over the area selection size
  • New area selection field: Allows you to enter a specific area to measure
  • New Calculate the percentage of a selection area option: Allows you to measure an exact percentage of the selected area

For more information, see in .

Improved setting labels in Automated Workflow areas

Now, when you are setting stage deadline and activation settings for an Automated Workflow, the labels in the user interface are easier to understand.

Also, names for the stage settings are now consistent from one Automated Workflow activity to another. Previously, some Automated Workflow stage settings for configuring a new proof were different from the corresponding settings for an existing proof.

For more information, see and Create or edit an Automated Workflow for an existing proof

Add a timezone to an Automated Workflow template

Now, when you are creating or modifying an Automated Workflow template for your users’ proofs, you can specify the timezone of the users who will be creating or working on the proofs. This ensures that stage deadlines are set at the right times for those users.

Previously, the system set the timezone to that of the Workfront administrator creating the template and it could not be modified.

For more information, see .

Document icon removed from the Proofing viewer

We removed the document icon inline with the proof name in the proofing viewer. This icon used to take you to the document details.

Now, you can click the name of the proof to go to the document details page.

This icon was removed because of a change in the new Workfront experience: link to breadcrumbs release note