Update initiative priorities in the Scenario Planner

Prioritizing initiatives is important because initiatives receive job roles and budget resources from the plan in the order they are listed on the plan.

You can prioritize initiatives on a plan that you created or on a plan that someone shared with you.

For information about creating plans, see Create and edit plans in the Scenario Planner.

For information about creating initiatives, see Create and edit initiatives in the Scenario Planner.

Access requirements

Adobe Workfront plan*
Business or higher
Adobe Workfront license*
Review or higher

You must purchase an additional license for the Adobe Workfront Scenario Planner to access functionality described in this article.

For information about obtaining the Workfront Scenario Planner, see Access needed to use the Scenario Planner.

Access level configurations*

Edit access or higher to the Scenario Planner

Note: If you still don't have access, ask your Workfront administrator if they set additional restrictions in your access level. For information on how a Workfront administrator can change your access level, see Create or modify custom access levels.

Object permissions

Manage permissions to a plan

For information on requesting additional access to a plan, see Request access to a plan in the Scenario Planner.

Update initiative priorities

When you change the priority of initiatives, you modify their listing order on the plan.

We recommend that you place more urgent initiatives at the top of a plan and the more fluid ones - that could be done any time and only if resources are available - at the bottom of the plan.

Workfront allocates plan resources to initiatives in the order they are listed on the plan.
For example, if the plan has 3 available Engineers and Initiative 1 and Initiative 2 each require 2 Engineers to complete and they are both scheduled for the same time frame, Workfront associates 2 Engineers with Initiative 1 and one remaining available Engineer with Initiative 2. In this case Initiative 2 shows as having a conflict, because it is missing one Engineer. Sometimes, changing the priority of your initiatives is the only way to avoid conflicts on a plan.

To update initiative priority:

  1. Click the Main Menu icon , then click Scenarios.

    A list of plans displays.

  2. Click the name of a plan to open it, then locate the initiatives you want to prioritize.

  3. Click the box to the left of one or more of the initiatives’ name and do one of the following:

    • Click the handle to the left of one of the selected initiatives’ names, then drag it up or down in the list to change the initiative’s priority.

      Workfront displays the number of selected initiatives.

    • Click the Prioritize box at the bottom of the plan, then choose from the following options:

      • Top: Moves the selected initiatives to the top of the initiative list. The selected initiatives are listed first on the plan.

      • Bottom: Moves the selected initiatives to the bottom of the initiative list. The selected initiatives are listed last on the plan.

      • Select a number: Moves the selected initiatives after the initiative you indicate here.

      Workfront immediately places the selected initiatives where you indicate and the numbers of all initiatives update accordingly.

  4. Click Save Plan to save your changes.