Adobe Workfront Goals 23.1 release activity: Week of January 5, 2023

This page describes all enhancements made with the 23.1 release for Adobe Workfront Goals to the Preview environment in early January.

These enhancements will be made available in the Production environment with the 23.1 release, which is scheduled for the week of January 16, 2023.

For a list of all changes available for all areas of Workfront at this point in the 23.1 release cycle, see the 23.1 Release overview.

Updates to Workfront Goals

To create a more consistent experience with the rest of Workfront, as well as make it easier to view and work with your goals, we’ve updated Workfront Goals. The look and feel of Workfront Goals is now more similar to other areas in Workfront.

Now, areas such as the header, lists, and details cards are familiar and consistent with your experience in Workfront.
Individual goals open in their own page and we have added the following sections in the left panel for easy navigation and updating:

  • Goal details: Goal details: View information such as the goal’s description, progress, dates, and parent objective information. For information, see Edit goals in Adobe Workfront Goals.
  • Progress indicators: View progress indicators in a list. You can edit these indicators inline, open edit windows, or delete the indicators from this area. For information, see Edit results and activities in Adobe Workfront Goals.
  • Updates: We have introduced a new commenting experience in the Updates section of a goal which now displays user comments and system activity notes in two separate tabs. For information, see Manage goal comments in Adobe Workfront Goals.
    Sharing, editing, deleting, or copying a goal is similar to the way you perform these actions for other objects in Workfront.
With this update, we have removed the Check-in and Pulse sections in the Goals area.

For more information on Workfront Goals, see the articles available in the Workfront Goals area of the Workfront Documentation.

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