2019.3 Resource Planning enhancements

This page describes all changes Resource Planning enhancements made with the 2019.3 release. It was made available in the Production environment the week of August 19, 2019.

For a list of all changes made in 2019.3, see 2019.3 release activity overview.

Build a report for Budgeted Hours

You can now build a report to view Budgeted Hours outside the Resource Planner.

When you build a report for Budgeted Hours, you can display Budgeted Hours associated with Users in the Resource Planner (in the Budgeted Hours field), and Budgeted Hours associated with Projects or Job Roles (in the Planned Budgeted Hours field).

For information about viewing Budgeted Hours in a report, see Report on Resource Planner Budgeted Hours.

New settings to hide the Actual Hours column in the Resource Planner

You can now display or hide the Actual Hours column when viewing information by user in the Resource Planner.

For information about the settings in the Resource Planner, see the Settings section of the Resource Planner navigation overview.

Resource Pools are persistent in the Resource Budgeting area of the Business Case

Now, when you are budgeting your resources in the Resource Budgeting area of the Business Case, the Resource Pools that you have already saved on the project are persistent when you navigate away from the page and come back.

For information about budgeting resources in the Business Case, see Budget resources in the Business Case.

Financial data access to Cost Rates impacts information in the Resource Planner that displays by cost

Workfront administrators can now determine which users have access to view or edit cost information for roles, users, or projects in the Resource Planner. This functionality is available in the Financial Data area of the Access Level.

Prior to this change, all cost information was always available to all users in the Resource Planner.

For more information about cost information in the Resource Planner, see Calculate costs in the Resource Planner.