Configure personal proofing defaults

You can define personal proof default settings that apply to proofs you create. These defaults are applied each time you generate a first-time proof or upload a new proof version in Workfront.

Access requirements

You must have the following access to perform the steps in this article:

Adobe Workfront plan*

Current plan: Pro or Higher


Legacy plan: Select or Higher

For more information about proofing access with the different plans, see Access to proofing functionality in Workfront.

Adobe Workfront license*

Current plan: Work or Plan

Legacy plan: Any (You must have proofing enabled for the user)

Proof Permission Profile
Manager or higher

*To find out what plan, role, or Proof Permission Profile you have, contact your Workfront or Workfront Proof administrator.

Configure personal proofing defaults

  1. Click the Main Menu icon in the upper-right corner of Adobe Workfront, then click Proofing.

  2. In the upper-right corner, click your avatar, and select Personal Settings.

  3. Choose the Proofing defaults tab, then specify the following information:

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    Default email notification settings
    Default email alert Select how frequently the user receives email updates. Select All Activity, Replies to my comments, Decisions, Final decision, Hourly summary, Daily summary, or Disabled.
    Default email alert for new guest reviewers Select how frequently guest reviewers receive email updates. Options are the same as those for Default email alert.
    New proof notification Choose to receive a notification when you are added to a proof.
    Message settings
    Proof subject template Type what you want users to see in the subject of an email when you share a proof with them.
    Proof message template Type what you want users to see in the bodyof an email when you share a proof with them.
    Default proof settings
    Lock proof when all decisions are made Choose to automatically lock the proof from further changes after all decisions are made.
    Only require one decision Choose to require only one decision on a proof.
    Login required

    Choose to make the proof available only to users with Workfront Proof login credentials.

    Note: Workfront Proof credentials can be different than your Workfront credentials, unless your company users SSO. We recommend using this feature only if your company users SSO.

    Subscription enabled Allow reviewers external to the organization to sign up for the proof via the public URL or embed code. When this option is selected, the subscriber must click a link in an email to access a proof is also available. Select this option to require the external reviewer to click a link within the email to access the proof. This option is enabled by default if the Public sharing option is selected and is applied to all proofs created by this user.
    Default role for new guest reviewers Select a default proof role for guest reviewers. Options are the same as those in Default proof role.
    Block download of the original file Choose to block users from downloading the original file.
    My default proof role Choose your default proof role.
    My default markup color Choose your default markup color.