Adobe Workfront Scenario Planner with the 21.1 release

Adobe Workfront Scenario Planner is available only with the new Adobe Workfront experience.

The following features are included in the 21.1 release:

Job role and costs contouring to resolve conflicts in the Scenario Planner

We have redesigned the experience for resolving job role and budget conflicts in the Scenario Planner. Some of the new features included in this redesign are:

  • Ability to update the initiative number of job roles and the amount of Fixed Costs by month.
  • More visibility in the plan’s timeline for where a conflict occurs, to give you faster insight about where you need to address possible insufficient resources.
  • An improved user experience which includes new tooltips, informational boxes, and highlights to guide you faster and easier through resolving any conflicts between what resources your initiatives need and what budget your plan has available.

For information about resolving conflicts in the Scenario Planner, see Resolve initiative conflicts in the Scenario Planner.

Available on these dates:
Beta Preview release: January 13, 2021
Production release: With the 21.1 release

New menu to manage initiatives in bulk

To give you more flexibility when managing initiatives on a plan in the Workfront Scenario Planner, we have introduced a new menu with actions for deleting, copying, and prioritizing initiatives. You can now select one or multiple initiatives and delete, copy, or prioritize them on a plan.

Prior to this change you could not copy an initiative and you could only delete or prioritize one initiative at a time.

For more information, see the following articles: