21.3 Requests enhancements

This page describes all Requests enhancements made with the 21.3 release to the Preview environment. These enhancements were made available in the Production environment the week of July 21, 2021.

For a list of all changes available with the 21.3 release, see 21.3 Release overview.

Find requests by recent paths or by searching using a keyword

This feature is available only in the new Adobe Workfront experience.

To help you find the right request queue faster by referring to recently logged requests, we have introduced the following improvements to finding a recently used queue:

  • A list of the recent paths for which you have entered requests
  • The ability to search for a request type by any keyword included in a path.

A path includes the request queue and all the topic groups and queue topics that you have selected before when submitting a request.

For more information, see Create and submit Adobe Workfront requests.