Business Leader overview

In a group, the Business Leader is the person who makes decisions for the group regarding goals, strategies, budget, and hiring and so on. For example, in an organization that has a Chief Marketing Officer, that person would likely be the Business Leader for Marketing.

As a group administrator, you can assign one user as a Business Leader for a group or a subgroup that you administer. If there are any groups above the group you manage, their administrators can also do this for your group. The same is true for Workfront administrators (for any group). For instructions, see Create a group.

If you need general information about groups, see Groups overview.

Unlike the group administrator of a group, the Business leader doesn’t have the ability to view or change any configurations or memberships for the group.

Using the Business Leader field in reporting

A user creating a report for a group can include the Business Leader field in a filter, view, or grouping.

For example:

  • Filter by a Business Leader to list the groups who have that person assigned as the Business Leader.
  • Add a Business Leader field to a View to list the names of all Business Leaders assigned to the groups in a list. You can click a name to go to that Business Leader’s user profile or to edit the name.
  • Group by a Business Leader field to list groups together according to their Business Leaders.

Also, the Business Leader field is included in the default view in reports as a list column.

For more information, see Reporting elements: filters, views, and groupings.