23.2 Project enhancements

This page describes all project enhancements made with the 23.2 release to the Preview environment. These enhancements will be made available in the Production environment with the 23.2 release.

For a list of all changes available at this point in the 23.2 release cycle, see 23.2 Release overview.

New experience when editing projects in bulk

Starting March 23, this will release to production in a phased rollout that will complete after May 11, 2023.

As part of updating the look and feel of the Workfront experience, we have redesigned the Edit Projects box, when editing several projects at the same time, In bulk. You can access the new Edit Projects box when selecting several projects at the same time in a list of projects.

In addition to an updated look and feel of the interface, the following changes are also available in the Edit Projects box:

  • You can customize your Layout Template and reflect those customizations in the Details page of a project, as well as in the Edit Project (when editing one project) and Edit Projects (when editing multiple projects) boxes.

  • Clear indicators when the values of each field are different between the selected projects: a “Multiple values” indicator displays for fields whose values don’t match between the selected projects.

  • Indication of which custom forms are already attached to the selected projects and the number of projects that have a certain form already attached.

  • We have removed the commenting functionality from the Edit Projects box.

  • We have eliminated the Recalculate Scorecards option when bulk-editing projects.

For information, see Edit projects.

View a video demonstration of this feature

Enhanced filter experience generally available in Adobe Workfront

An upgrade to the filter experience was released to public beta on project, task, and issue lists in August 2022. Most lists now offer the enhanced filters. (To review all of these lists, see the 23.1 look-and-feel updates release note.) The enhanced filter experience will be generally available and become the standard filter builder in Preview on March 2, 2023. A phased rollout in Production will also begin on March 2, with availability for all customers in the 23.2 release.

You can still access the legacy filters on lists by enabling them in the filter panel. Legacy filters will be deprecated from lists in the future, but they will remain available in reports because the standard filter builder is not available in reports.

For details about the enhanced filters and a video demonstration, see the filters public beta release note.

For more information, see Create or edit filters in Adobe Workfront.

Copy Budgeted Hours when copying a project

Preview release: February 16, 2023; Planned Production release: March 2, 2023

Now, you have the option to copy the hours budgeted in the Resource Budgeting area of the Business Case or the Resource Planner when you copy a project. Prior to this enhancement, the hours budgeted for the project were not transferred to the copied project.

For information, see Copy a project.

View a video demonstration of this feature