Update an Adobe Workfront item from G Suite using email content

The most recent version of the Adobe Workfront plugin for Google was released on June 26, 2023.

You can update an existing project, task, or issue with information from a non-Adobe Workfront email.

Access requirements

You must have the following access to perform the steps in this article:

Adobe Workfront plan*
Adobe Workfront license*
Work, Plan

*To find out what plan, license type, or access you have, contact your Workfront administrator.


Before you can update a Workfront item using email content from G Suite, you must

Update a Workfront item using email content from G Suite

  1. If the Workfront for G Suite panel is not displayed, click the Workfront icon in the G Suite add-ons sidebar at the far-right of the page.

  2. With the email message open in G Suite, click Post as a new update in the G Suite panel.

  3. Under Type, click the drop-down arrow, then click the type of object where you want to add the update.

  4. Click the Search for option, start typing the name of the object where you want to add the update, then select the item when it appears in the list below.

    This option varies, depending on what you selected in step 3. It might be Search for a project, Search for a task, or Search for an issue.

    note note
    When you are typing the name of a task, ad hoc personal tasks are excluded from the list of name that appears below.
  5. Make any of these optional changes:

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    Update Edit any part of this text, which is taken from the email's subject line and body text.
    Include email attachments

    (Available only if the email contains at least one attachment.) Click this option to save attachments in the Documents tab for the task or issue.

    If you do not want to save an attachment, click the X to the right of its name.

    If the email contains links to documents in Google Drive, the links are saved to the Overview tab of the task or issue you are creating.

    Important: In order for this to work, yourWorkfront administrator must authorize Google Drive to work with Workfront

    If you enable this option, it remains enabled for other emails you convert to tasks, issues, and updates.

    Notify Click Notify, click the Search for a user or team option that appears, then start typing the name of the person or team and click it when it appears in the list below. Repeat this for each person and team you want to add, then click Save.
  6. Click Update.

    When you refresh your browser, a message with a link at the bottom of the Workfront for G Suite panel confirms that you have converted the email to an update:

    You can click the link to go to the Updates tab in Workfront for the object you specified in step 4.

    You can repeat these steps to convert the same email to updates, task, and issues (see Create an Adobe Workfront issue in G Suite using email content). When you refresh your browser or return to the email at another time, all links you have created for the email are listed at the bottom of the Workfront for G Suite panel.

  7. (Optional) Continue to work with the update in the Workfront add-on panel by doing any of the following:

    • To add another update on the Updates tab, click Start a new update and type the information.

    • To reply to an update on the Updates tab, click Reply and type your reply.

      For both of the options above, you can click Notify to specify recipients for the reply as in step 5. When you are ready, click Post to add the update or reply.

    • Click the Details tab to view the details for the new project, task, or issue.