Download Files Stored in Workfront Proof

This article refers to functionality in the standalone product Workfront Proof. For information on proofing inside Adobe Workfront, see Proofing.

You can download the original files from active, locked, and archived proofs to your local machine. You can then print and open them in the software application used to create them (if you have the application). You can download original files from a single proof or from multiple proofs.

Make sure that Allow download of original file is enabled in the settings for the proof (see Configure Proof Settings in Workfront Proof).

Downloading Files From a Single Proof

  1. In the List or Thumbnail list layout, click the More button at the end of the row where the proof is listed.

  2. More_button_small.png

  3. If you need more information about these layouts, see Page Layout on the Views Tab in Workfront Proof.

  4. Click Download original in the menu that appears.
    You can also select the proof in the list, click the More button above the list, then click Download.
    You can also download files:

Downloading Files From Multiple Proofs

  • You can batch-download the original file for multiple proofs in one bulk action.
  • The batch download option is available only if you have Proof Permissions Profiles in Workfront Proof on the proof (this is not the case for single downloads) .

Limit of batch download is currently 4GB

To download original files from multiple proofs:

  1. Go to the Folder details page or any Views page that lists the proofs containing original files you want to download (see Manage Folders in Workfront Proof and Manage Items on the Views Page in Workfront Proof).

  2. Check the box for every proof containing the files you want.

  3. Batch downloading from archived proofs is currently not available.

  4. Click the More button above the list, then click Download.

  5. When you receive an email notifying you that your batch download is prepared, click the download link.
    Only the original file from the latest version of each proof is included in the batch download ZIP file.