Configure the dropzone in Workfront Proof

This article refers to functionality in the standalone product Workfront Proof. For information on proofing inside Adobe Workfront, see Proofing.

As a Workfront Proof administrator, you can set, view, and edit your users’ Dropzone settings. For information about Dropzone, see The Dropzone.

  1. Click Settings > Account Settings, then open the Dropzone tab.

  2. Make any of the following changes in the Dropzone details section:

    • Web Dropzone: Enable or disable the Dropzone.

    • Web Dropzone URL: The URL that you must enter into your browser to submit proofs via the Dropzone.

    • Email Dropzone: Enable or disable the Email Dropzone.

      note note
      Emailing to dropzones is no longer supported.
    • Dropzone Owner: Set or edit the Dropzone owner. This is the person who will be notified of new submissions to the Dropzone. To be set as the Dropzone owner, the user must be a Supervisor, Admin, Billing Admin, or the account Creator. For more information, see Proof Permissions Profiles in Workfront Proof.

    • Default role for creators: All submitters are added to the proof with this role as a default.

    • Email notification for all creators: Set the email alert preference for proof creators (submitters) here. See Configure email notification settings in Workfront Proof for information about the different alert settings available.

    • New version function: Enable and disable the New Version function on the Dropzone. This gives or removes the ability for people to submit new versions of proofs via the Dropzone.

    • Delete draft proofs after (days): Specify the number of days after which a draft proof will be deleted. Proofs remain in a draft state if the Dropzone submission is not completed after uploading the file to the Dropzone.

    • Hide reviewer role: Hide the reviewer role field when adding people to the Dropzone.

    • Send proof message on activation: Configure Workfront Proof to send proof notification emails to the reviewers automatically when a proof is activated.

    • Activate proof on submission: Configure Workfront Proof to activate proofs automatically on submission (removing the need to activate them manually).

    • If a proof is moved out of the Dropzone (for example, to another folder in your account), the Dropzone settings will no longer apply to the proof. This is particularly important in respect of email alert settings.

  3. Make any changes in the Dropzone fields section to specify which fields display in the Proof details section of the Dropzone submission page when proofs are submitted via the Dropzone.

  4. In the Permitted domains section, specify domains that you want to be allowed to use the Dropzone.

    • You can click Add domain to add a domain. When you have finished adding the domain details, click Save.

    • You can Edit and Delete any existing domains you have previously added.

  5. Under People to notify, specify the people you want to be notified along with the Dropzone owner when new proofs are submitted to the Dropzone The Dropzone

    • Click Add people, enter the recipient’s details, then click Save.

    • Delete people you have previously added.