22.3 Integration enhancements

This page describes all Integration enhancements made with the 22.3 release to the Preview environment. These enhancements will be made available in the Production environment in January 2022the week of July 11, 2022. For a list of all changes available with the 22.3 release, see 22.3 Release overview.

Adobe Workfront for Experience Manager Assets integration

We are excited to announce that the Adobe Workfront Experience Manager Assets integration is now available for Cloud Service.

We’ve also introduced new functionality for both Cloud Service and Assets Essentials: This integration allows users to

  • Automatically create linked AEM folders from within Workfront

  • Push metadata updates from Workfront to AEM for already linked assets

  • Display in real-time the latest AEM metadata within Workfront

You must have Workfront and Adobe Experience Manager Assets or Assets Essentials associated with your Organization ID in the Adobe Admin Console to use this integration. For more information, talk to your Adobe Sales Representative.

For information about configuring the integration, see

For information about using the integration, see Adobe Workfront for Experience Manager Assets Essentials.

New SharePoint (Graph API) integration now available

We’ve created a new, simpler SharePoint integration. Now, you don’t need to configure the SharePoint integration. Instead, the new SharePoint integration is simply an option you can choose, similar to other document integrations.

You will not lose access to documents that are currently linked through the legacy SharePoint integration. However, you will be unable to link new documents through the legacy integration.

Workfront Administrators can enable and disable SharePoint and legacy SharePoint integrations separately, based on the needs of their organization.

For more information see Configure the Legacy SharePoint integration.

Combine multiple files in a single proof in the Creative Cloud plugin

You can now upload outside files with the content you’ve created in the Adobe Workfront for Creative Cloud plugin to create multi-file proofs in Workfront. Outside files appear as additional proof pages inside Workfront. With this enhancement, we’ve also updated the look and feel of the proof creation experience.

For more information, see