Configure the Experience Manager Assets Essentials integration

Connect your work with your content in Experience Manager Assets Essentials​:

  • Push assets and metadata from Adobe Workfront to Experience Manager Assets Essentials​
  • Link assets from Experience Manager Assets Essentials to your projects and tasks in Workfront​
  • Facilitate versioning workflows for assets pushed to Experience Manager Assets Essentials
You can also connect several Experience Manager Assets repositories to one Workfront environment, or several Workfront environments to one Experience Manager Assets repository across Organization IDs. Follow the configuration instructions in this article for each integration you’d like to set up.

Access requirements

You must have the following:

Adobe Workfront plan*
Adobe Workfront licenses*
Experience Manager license
You must have Experience Manager Assets Essentials, and you must be added to the product as a user in the Admin Console.
Access level configurations
You must be a Workfront administrator. For information on Workfront administrators, see Grant a user full administrative access.

*To find out what plan, license type, or access you have, contact your Workfront administrator.

Set up the integration

  1. Click the Main Menu icon in the upper-right corner of Adobe Workfront, then click Setup.

  2. Select Documents documents icon in the left panel, then select Experience Manager Integration.

  3. Select Add Experience Manager Integration.

  4. Specify the following:

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    Name Enter the name you want users to see in the Add new button in the Documents area.
    Navigation URL The system automatically populates the Navigation URL. This URL is used to link to your organization's Assets Essentials instance from the Main Menu for quick access.
    Experience Manager Assets repository The system automatically populates the Experience Manager repository associated with your Organization ID.
  5. Click Save or move on to the Set up metadata (optional) section in this article.

Set up metadata (optional)

Map Workfront object data to asset media fields in Experience Manager Assets. Metadata maps when an asset is pushed from Workfront for the first time.


Before you begin, you must

Supported Workfront and Experience Manager Assets fields

AEM Keyword

You can map any Workfront supported field to a keyword in Experience Manager Assets Essentials.

To link a field to a keyword, select xcm:keywords in the Experience Manager Assets field dropdown in the metadata mapping area.

To map multiple single-line text fields to keywords, enter a comma-separated list of the keyword values into the Workfront side of the metadata mapping, and xcm:keywords on the Experience Manager Assets side. Each field value maps to a separate keyword. You can use a calculated field to combine multiple Workfront fields into a single comma-separated text field.



Metadata maps when an asset is pushed from Workfront for the first time. Documents with the built-in or custom fields automatically map to the specified fields the first time an asset is sent to Experience Manager Assets Essentials.

  1. In the Workfront field column, choose a built-in or custom Workfront field.

    note note
    You can map a single Workfront field to multiple Experience Manager Assets fields. You can’t map multiple Workfront fields to a single Experience Manager Assets field.

    1. In the **Experience Manager** field, choose an Experience Manager Assets field.

    To map a Workfront field to an Experience Manager Assets tag, select xcm:keywords.

  2. Repeat steps 1 and 2 as needed.
    enable metadata

  3. Click Save or move on to the Set up linked folders (optional) section in this article.

Set up linked folders (optional)

You can allow users to create folders linked to Experience Manager while in a Workfront project. When a folder is linked, any asset added to the folder automatically shows up in both Workfront and Experience Manger. When an asset is added to the linked folder in Workfront for the first time, the asset’s metadata is pushed to Experience Manager Assets.

In the steps below, you indicate where you want the linked folders created. Each integration can have only one location for all linked folders.

To set up linked folders:

  1. Toggle Enabled linked folder on.

  2. Choose a folder path to indicate where you want all linked folders associated with this integration to live.
    linked folders setup screen

    note note
    Users need write access in Adobe Experience Manager Assets to the folder specified to create a linked folder.
  3. Click Save.