22.1 Other enhancements

This page describes all other enhancements made with the 22.1 release to the Preview environment. These enhancements will be made available in the Production environment

the week of January 17, 2022.

For a list of all changes available with the 22.1 release, see 22.1 Release overview.

Default ascending order for Planned Completion Date and ability to group by Planned Start Date in the Home Work List

To make it easier and faster to find the items that require your attention, we have added two enhancements that allow you to see your earliest due items display at the top of your work list by default and to group your tasks and issues by their Planned Start Date.

Prior to these enhancements, you could group your items only by Planned Completion Date as well as by Commit date.

For more information, see Display items in the Work List in the Home area.

Add the My Updates area for all licensed users

As part of our efforts to create parity between Workfront Classic and the new Workfront experience, we have reintroduced the My Updates area for all users.

As a result of this update, Review users can find this area as their default landing page, unless they are assigned to a layout template.

A Workfront or Group administrator can add this area to all users’ Main Menu and Top navigation by using a layout template.

When you open the My Updates area, you can now quickly find the following information:

  • Approvals waiting for your decision display in the first half of the My Updates page. You can approve, reject, suggest changes, grant access, or delegate your approvals to others.
  • Comments in which you have been included display in the lower half of the My Updates page, in the Mentions section.

For more information, see Use the My Updates area.

Improvements to timesheets

To improve the experience of everyone who manages time in Workfront, we are introducing several updates to timesheets.

Some of these updates include:

  • When a user has a current timesheet, the Timesheets area now opens to that current timesheet saving time for searching and clicking into a current timesheet. When there are no current timesheets, the Timesheets area still displays the My Timesheets section, as it does today.
  • The row you hover over or you click into to enter time is highlighted to increase visibility.
  • The footer that contains the timesheet buttons is now sticky so that you always have access to save and cancel without scrolling to the bottom of the page. We also added a new Back to top button in this area to quickly return to the top of the page.
  • A new warning notification now alerts you of unsaved changes to prevent you from losing information when navigating away from the timesheet.

For more information, see the following articles:

New toolbar for Users lists

A more modern and intuitive toolbar makes it easier to manage users in a Users list. The toolbar buttons let you quickly add people to Workfront, remind them to register, and manage their profiles. You can also export a Users list.

For more information about these actions, see Create and manage users.

Updated Help menu

Now when you click the Help link in the top navigation bar, an updated, more streamlined menu appears. The new menu provides the same information, but with fewer levels of navigation, requiring fewer clicks to see relevant content.