Use “opTask” and “issue” when referencing issues

The name of an issue appears as opTask in the Adobe Workfront database. Although there are times when you need to use the issue field name to refer to issues, most of the time you must use the opTask field name instead of issue when referencing issues.

For more information about how objects appear in the Workfront database, refer to the API Explorer.

opTask filename

Use the opTask field name when referencing issues in the following contexts:

  • When you create a text mode custom report for issues, and you want to reference issues in views, filters, groupings, or prompts.

    For more information about using text mode in a report, see Text Mode overview.

  • When you update issue fields in a Kick-Start data importer sheet.

    For more information about importing data in Workfront using a Kick-Start, see Import data into Adobe Workfront using a Kick-Start template.

issue field ename

Use the issue field name to reference issues in the following contexts:

  • When you reference issues in a collection using text mode in a report.
  • When you reference an issue collection using the Workfront API.

For information about reporting on collections, see Reference collections in a report.