Workfront Scenario Planner with the 20.4 release - October 14, 2020

Workfront Scenario Planner is available only with the new Adobe Workfront experience.

The following features were added for the 20.4 release:

Publish scenarios to update and create projects from the Workfront Scenario Planner

A new capability in the Workfront Scenario Planner now allows you to publish a scenario and map its initiatives to regular projects. This creates projects from existing initiatives or updates projects already linked to initiatives that have been imported in the plan. Initiative information transfers to the projects, saving you time in data entry and ensuring accuracy.

Included in this new functionality are the following:

  • A new “Go to publish” button for the scenario that you decide to publish in the Scenario Planner
  • New Scenario Planner area in the Project Details section that captures information about the initiative linked to the project
  • Ability to add or remove the Scenario Planner area from Project Details using a Layout Template
  • A new filter (the Scenario Planner Projects filter) displays projects published from the Scenario Planner in the Projects area
  • Initiatives information in the project updates stream
  • Initiative information in reports

For information about publishing a plan, see Update or create projects by publishing initiatives in the Scenario Planner.

Watch the following video to understand how you can create a project by publishing a scenario:

Watch the following video to understand how you can update a project previously imported on a plan by publishing a scenario:

Share plans in the Scenario Planner

To invite other users to collaborate with you when working in the Workfront Scenario Planner, you can now share plans that you created with other users. If you could access a plan you did not create with a link before this improvement, the plan must be shared with you now before you can access it.

For information about sharing a plan in the Scenario Planner, see Share a plan in the Scenario Planner.