22.4 Other enhancements

This page describes all other enhancements made with the 22.4 release to the Preview environment. These enhancements will be made available the week of October 3, 2022.

For a list of all changes available with the 22.4 release, see 22.4 Release overview.

Adobe Workfront for InDesign

This plugin is now available to install in InDesign. It allows you to access work item details, collaborate with coworkers in the Updates area, and submit proofs for review–all without leaving XD. Head over to the Adobe Creative Cloud marketplace to download the plugin today.

For more information about the plugin, see Adobe Workfront plugin for Creative Cloud Applications.

Download Adobe Workfront for InDesign in the marketplace today.

Administrators can also create a package with the plugins from the Admin Console and deploy to users either in a managed or self-managed manner.

Sync object metadata with the native Experience Manager Assets integration

Now, Workfront portfolio, program, project, task, issue, and document fields update automatically when the field is changed in Workfront.

To allow object metadata to sync automatically, you must enable the Sync object metadata toggle for your integrations in Setup > Experience Manager integrations.

Previously, only project fields updated automatically.

For more information, see Configure the Experience Manager Assets as a Cloud Service integration.

Metadata pushes for program and portfolio parent objects

Now, when an asset is first sent to Experience Manager Assets or Assets Essentials, any metadata configured to map for program and portfolio parent objects is sent as well.

Previously, only parent project data was sent.

For more information, see Send a Document to Experience Manager Assets or Assets Essentials.

Expanded team description

In the Teams area, you can now view the full team description by clicking the description to display it in a pop-up. Any URLs in the description are clickable in the pop-up, and you can click in the description text to edit it (if you have access to edit the team settings).

Previously, scrolling through the description in a narrow area was the only way to see all of the content.

This enhancement to the description applies to both agile and non-agile teams.

For more information, see Create a team.

Workfront Campaigns (Beta) – a new way to manage your work

This feature was originally introduced to Preview during the 22.3 release cycle.
This functionality is available only as a beta and is currently under construction. We will continue to add features for the Campaign workflow with future releases. Participation in the beta program for Workfront Campaigns is voluntary.

We are introducing a new object to Adobe Workfront that has the potential to change the way you manage work.

Workfront Campaigns enables you to organize projects from different portfolios and programs in a new work container. This new container will evolve in future releases to eventually include all work objects that are currently managed in separate silos.

The following features are included with this release:

  • A new Workfront object called Campaign

  • A new Campaigns (Beta) area in the Main Menu

  • A list of Campaigns in the Campaigns area

  • A Campaign Details page that displays additional information about a campaign

  • Ability to add Projects to a Campaign

  • Ability to edit information about a Campaign

  • Ability to rename the Campaign object from the Layout Template

    Workfront system and group administrators can add the Campaigns (Beta) area in the Main Menu of a Layout template. This makes it available for all users assigned to the template. After it’s available, anyone in Workfront can create a campaign.