Assign users to a story on the Kanban board

Access requirements

You must have the following access to perform the steps in this article:

Adobe Workfront plan*
Adobe Workfront license*
Work or higher
Access level configurations*

Worker or higher

Note: If you still don't have access, ask your Workfront administrator if they set additional restrictions in your access level. For information on how a Workfront administrator can change your access level, see Create or modify custom access levels.

*To find out what plan, license type, or access you have, contact your Workfront administrator.

Assign users to a story on the Kanban board

  1. Click the Main Menu icon in the upper-right corner of Adobe Workfront, then click Teams.

  2. (Optional) Click the Switch team icon Switch team icon , then either select a new Kanban team from the drop-down menu or search for a team in the search bar.

  3. Go to the agile Kanban board where you want to assign users.

  4. Go to the story tile on the Kanban board where you want to add a user.

  5. Click the team avatar on the story tile (or a user avatar if one is already assigned), begin typing the name of the user you want to assign to the story, then click the name when it appears. You can also choose a suggested user.

    note tip
    You can also assign a job role to a story. You can only assign active users and active roles.

    Add assignment to story card