22.1 Proofing enhancements

This page describes all Proofing enhancements made with the 22.1 release to the Preview environment. These enhancements will be made available in the Production environment

the week of January 17, 2022.

For a list of all changes available with the 22.1 release, see 22.1 Release overview.

Improved proofing capabilities for reviewers and requestors

Released to EMEA customers with integrated proofing created before July 6th, 2021 only. This functionality coming to Preview in a phased rollout beginning January 13 and ending January 17 for the following customers: >
  • EMEA customers with both integrated and standalone proofing
  • EMEA customers with integrated proofing created after July 6th, 2021
  • All U.S. customers

To provide a more integrated experience between Workfront and Proof, we’ve made several improvements regarding proofing capabilities for Reviewers and Requestors:

You can grant Moderator or Author roles to any user in Workfront, regardless of whether they have a Proofing license, giving them additional rights, like applying actions or resolving comments.

You can add Reviewers and Requestors to proofs that require a login or that need to be electronically signed.

All users also benefit from improved connectivity between Workfront and Proof. Now, when deactivating a user or updating a user’s email address, your updates are correctly reflected in proofing when changed in Workfront.

For more information, see

Electronic Signature Enhancements for proofs

We’ve made it easier for users to sign proofs electronically. Now, users can use their Workfront credentials to sign a decision on a proof.

To electronically sign a proof with SSO credentials, you must set SSO up in Workfront Proof. For more information on enabling SSO, see Configure Single Sign-On for Workfront Proof users.

Previously, users had to use Workfront Proof credentials, which are different from their Workfront credentials.

For more info, see Proof security overview.

Desktop Viewer Upgrade

We’ve upgraded the Desktop Proofing Viewer to support up to Chrome version 91 for greater compatibility with interactive proofs.

Windows users must manually reinstall the desktop viewer to upgrade to the latest version. After that, future updates to the Desktop Proofing Viewer will be automatic. For help reinstalling, see Install the Desktop Proofing Viewer.

Mac users will be upgraded to the latest version automatically.