Submit Adobe Workfront requests from Salesforce objects

After installing Adobe Workfront for Salesforce, you can submit Workfront requests from Salesforce Opportunities and Accounts. This functionality exists in both the Classic and Lightning Experience frameworks.

Access requirements

You must have the following access to use the functionality described in this article:

Adobe Workfront plan*
Pro or higher
Adobe Workfront license*

*To find out what plan, license type, or access you have, contact your Workfront administrator.


To submit a Workfront request from a Salesforce Opportunity or Account ensure that you have the following in your environment:

  • Your Workfront administrator has installed Workfront for Salesforce.
    For more information about installing Workfront for Salesforce, see Install Adobe Workfront for Salesforce

  • Your Workfront administrator has added the Workfront section to your Opportunity and Account page layouts.
    For more information about adding the Workfront section to a page layout, see Configure the Adobe Workfront section for Salesforce users.

  • You have a Workfront account and you can log in to it from the Workfront section inside your Opportunity or Account.
    Once you log in, you can see the New Requests tab where you can start entering requests.

Submit Workfront requests from Salesforce

  1. Go to an Opportunity or Account in Salesforce.

  2. Go to the Workfront section.

  3. In the New Requests tab, select a request type in the Select a Request Type drop-down menu.

    You can see the same request queues that you have access to see in Workfront.

  4. Start filling out the available fields for your request.

    Submitting a request from Salesforce is identical to submitting a request in the Workfront web application.

    note note
    Uploading a document using the Workfront plugin in Salesforce is temporarily unavailable.

    Continue to follow the steps described in Create and submit Adobe Workfront requests.

  5. Click Submit.

View Workfront requests

  1. Go to an Opportunity or Account in Salesforce.

  2. Go to the Workfront section.

    note note
    Depending on how your Workfront administrator configured this section, it might have a different name.
  3. Select the Submitted Requests tab.

    You can view all the requests that you or others have submitted from this Opportunity or Account in this tab.Requests that are submitted to this request queue in the web application do not display in this list in Salesforce.

    note note
    Requests that are submitted to this request queue in the web application do not display in this list in Salesforce.


    You can view the following information about the submitted requests:

    • Requests Name (in the Subject column)

    • Reference Number

    • Request Type

    • Status

    • Submitted on Date

    • Requested by Name

    • Assigned to Name\

      When this information is updated in Workfront, it is also updated in this list.

  4. (Optional) Click the name of the request to open it in Workfront.

  5. (Optional) Click Go to Salesforce to access the Opportunity or Account where the issue originated from the following areas of Workfront:

    • In the Details section of the issue
    • In the Summary panel when selecting the issue in a list, after clicking Open Summary in the list’s toolbar.
    • In the issue header, when the Integrations field is available. Your system or group administrator must add the Integrations field to your Layout Template to view the Go to Salesforce link in the issue header. For more information, see Customize object headers using a layout template.
    note note
    The Go to Salesforce link is visible to all Workfront users who can view the issue. You must have a Salesforce account to be able to go to the Salesforce Opportunity or Account where the issue was logged.