Access levels overview

As an Adobe Workfront administrator, you assign an access level to a user for 2 purposes:

  • Each user must have an access level in order to log in and work in Workfront.
  • Access levels control what a user can see and do with certain Workfront objects and areas.

Each of the six built-in access levels is attached to one of the five Workfront licenses: Plan, Work, Review, Request, and External.

External is an unpaid license designed primarily for sharing documents with collaborators who don’t use Workfront.

For information on topics related to access levels, see the following articles:


The license attached to an access level determines how the access level can be configured.

For more information, see Licenses overview.

Tip: You can see which access level and license is assigned to each user by viewing a user list or report. For instructions, see List your users' access levels and licenses.

Built-in access levels
For more information about the 6 built-in access levels shown in the image above, see Built-in access levels.
Assigning access levels
For instructions on how to assign an access level to a user, see Edit a user's profile.
Access levels Standard, Light, Contributor
If you see these access levels in your environment instead of Plan, Work, Review, or Request, your organization uses the new access level model. For information on the new model, see New access levels overview.