FAQ: proofing within Adobe Workfront - US to EMEA migration

How do I know if this change affects my organization?

Adobe Workfront is directly contacting all organizations affected by the Workfront Proof US to EMEA migration.

Do I need to do anything to prepare for the migration?

Yes. Before the migration, make sure you add the following to your organization’s allowlist:

How long will it take to migrate my account?

For a small period of time, up to two hours, your account will not be accessible while we migrate it to its new location on the EMEA data center.

After the account migration has completed, we will start moving all your files from our US data center to the EMEA data center. While the files are being moved, they will still be accessible on the US data center. This process will take place in the background and will not impact you and your users.

After the migration is complete, you and your users will be able to access files and proofs only from the EMEA data center.

What will happen to the URL I’m using to access Workfront Proof?

In order to make the migration possible, the URL you use to access the system must change from proofhq.com to proofhq.eu. Anyone who uses the old proofhq.com URL after the migration will receive a message providing the new login link:

Proof-specific bookmarks will no longer work after the migration. Anyone who uses one will receive a message providing access to the proof via a Go to Proof button:

Will my username and password remain the same as before?

Yes, your username and password will remain exactly the same as it is today.

Can I still interact with proof accounts I partner with in the US?

No, any access you had to previous US proof accounts will no longer be available. Your account in EMEA is completely detached from the US environment. This is to ensure that your data remains safe and adheres to the EU data privacy laws.

If you have another US account you partner with and you are required to maintain this partnership, the owners of that account need to migrate with your account. Please discuss this with them before the migration to ensure that the correct accounts are moved.