Overview of single sign-on in Adobe Workfront

The procedure described on this page applies only to organizations that are not yet onboarded to the Adobe Admin Console.
If your organization has been onboarded to the Adobe Admin Console, see Platform-based administration differences (Adobe Workfront/Adobe Business Platform).

Workfront provides a centrally managed single sign-on (SSO) configuration that integrates Workfront with your existing corporate SSO solution. This configuration is available for both OnDemand and OnPremise Enterprise customers.

To use the SSO functionality in Workfront, your organization needs to set up an SSO application. You can then configure Workfront so that it can communicate with your SSO solution.

Federated solutions allow users to log in to all their applications by entering their username and password in a centralized login portal.

Configure your firewall

When using an SSO solution, Workfront initiates a connection to your server on the specified port.

If your firewall or mail server is configured to allow access only to specific vendors, you must add certain Workfront IP addresses to your firewall allowlist. For more information, see Configure your firewall’s allowlist.

Configure Single Sign-On

Workfront integrates with the following SSO solutions: