Escaped characters in API Responses

Last update: 2023-11-07
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The syntax of some API responses may contain the escape character, \ (backslash). An escape character indicates that the character or string of characters that immediately follow the escaped character have a special value. For example, \t tells the reading device that t should be interpreted as tab and not as the letter “t”. A string of one or more characters following the backslash is called an escape sequence.

Hexadecimal escaped sequences require the use of valid hexadecimal digits. The following table lists the escape sequences that are encoded in Adobe Workfront API responses:

Escape Sequence Unicode Character Represents


Where, x is the hexadecimal code for numbers 0 through 7

0-7 Unicode characters represented by code points 0 through 7
\b 8 Backspace
\t 9 Tab
\n 10 New line
\u000b 11 Vertical tab
\f 12 Form feed
\r 13 Carriage return


Where, xx is the hexadecimal code for  numbers 14 through 31

14 - 31 Unicode characters represented by code points 14 through 31


47 / (Forward slash)


60 < (Less than)


92 \ (Back slash)


Where, xxxx is the hexadecimal code for any number over 127

128+ Unicode characters for any code point over 127

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