Release Notes: Winter '17 release-notes-winter

The following features are included in the Winter '17 release. Check your Marketo edition for feature availability.

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Advanced Matching for Facebook Custom Audiences advanced-matching-for-facebook-custom-audiences

Basic Matching uses email addresses only, but new Advanced Matching uses an additional seven fields, increasing the match rate for more conversion.

Custom Object Import API custom-object-import-api

This API provides a faster interface to synchronize custom objects into Marketo. You can import CSV, TSV, or SSV spreadsheet files into Marketo as custom objects.

Web Personalization Campaigns Export web-personalization-campaigns-export

Export all of your Web Campaign details and analytics in a CSV format. You then can view your data in a convenient layout.

Localization localization

The Web Personalization, Predictive Content, and Email Insights apps are now available in Japanese, German, and Spanish. You select your language and locale to view your content in these languages.

Account Based Marketing Enhancements account-based-marketing-enhancements

Import Named Accounts

With the Named Account Import option, create or update multiple records at once via CSV upload.

Email Insights Support

Use Named Account or Account List as dimensions in Email Insights.

Predictive Content Enhancements predictive-content-enhancements

Filter by Enabled Source

Filter Predictive Content pieces that are enabled for Email, Rich Media, or the Recommendation Bar.

Filter Analytics by Source

Filter Predictive Content analytics for specific sources - Email, Rich Media, or Recommendation Bar.

Predictive Content Editor

There’s an improved editing experience and layout that splits content preparation by source - Email, Rich Media, or Recommendation Bar.

Auto-Discovery Content for Predictive

Image URL and metadata are now used in the content auto-discovery process.

SDK Enhancements sdk-enhancements

Developers now have additional control over the delivery of Push Notifications with the addition of a new SDK API call that allows developers to remove push tokens.

Vibes SMS LaunchPoint Integration vibes-sms-launchpoint-integration

Improve your targeting with a new filter option, “Member of Vibes List.”

Legacy Rich Text Editor and Form Editor 1.0 Deprecation legacy-rich-text-editor-and-form-editor-deprecation

Starting August 1, 2017, customers still using the legacy Rich Text Editor and Form Editor 1.0 will be automatically transitioned to the new experience.

Marketo Activity APIs marketo-activity-apis

An important change is coming to Marketo’s activity APIs. Are you prepared?