Schedule a Web Campaign schedule-a-web-campaign

If you know when you want your web campaign to run, you can schedule it in advance. It’s easy to set up start and stop dates, repeats, and multiple days.

You can schedule the web campaign based on the web visitor’s time or a selected time zone.

Scheduling start and stop dates is great for a scheduled event, such as a Webinar, that runs for a specific period. Repeats are perfect for a special offer that runs every week only on a particular day.
  1. Go to Web Campaigns.

    note note
    To make it easier to find the campaign you want, use the filter feature.
  2. Open the Campaign Status menu and select Schedule.

  3. In the Schedule Recurrence dialog, select the time zone for the campaign

    note tip
    The default setting runs campaigns in the web visitor’s time zone.
  4. Select a start date and time and an end date and time.

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    You can select the date and time from the drop-down menu and calendar or enter them manually. Times are in 12-hour AM/PM time.
  5. By default the campaign will run every day between the start and end date. If you want to run the campaign only on specific days or at specific times, use the Repeat settings. Select the day and start and end time to display the campaign. Use the plus sign + to add additional days.

  6. Click Schedule.

  7. The status of the campaign on the Campaigns page changes to Scheduled and the clock/calendar icon displays. Click this icon to edit the campaign schedule.

    note note
    The campaign status remains as Scheduled even when the campaign is running during the selected scheduled times. When a scheduled end date has passed, the campaign status changes to Paused.