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Welcome to the Adobe Marketo Engage product and developer documentation homepage. Adobe Marketo Engage is the world’s largest marketing automation platform and a singular solution that lets you attract, segment, and nurture customers.

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  • Setup Steps
    Just getting started with Adobe Marketo Engage? Learn what steps you need to complete before diving in.
  • User Setup
    After completing the initial setup steps, learn how to establish foundational elements to ensure smooth ongoing usage.
  • Marketo Engage Glossary
    Learn Marketo Engage terms and their definitions to help you get up to speed quickly.

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  • Smart Campaigns 101
    If Marketo Engage is a car, the Smart Campaign is its engine. Smart Campaigns can do more than you can imagine, and it’s easy to get started using them.
  • Adobe Dynamic Chat
    Use these tutorials along with the product documentation to improve your understanding of the various ways Dynamic Chat can work for you.
  • Design an Effective Interactive Webinar
    Learn how to design an effective Interactive Webinar, the first step in ensuring your webinar event is engaging and memorable.
  • See all tutorials
    A collection of videos and tutorials for Adobe Marketo Engage.

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