Add a Mobile App add-a-mobile-app

Send push notifications to your customer base by connecting your mobile app with Marketo.

Apps normally start out in a sandbox environment, where initial development and testing are performed. Developers then use a production environment to build the final app that will be used by customers. You must select the appropriate notification certificate when adding a mobile app (see step 4 below).

Not all Marketo Engage users have purchased this functionality. Contact the Adobe Account Team (your Account Manager) for details.
  1. Click Admin.

  2. Click Mobile Apps & Devices.

  3. Click New Mobile App.

  4. Enter a name. In the Type drop-down, select the type of environment you’re using–Sandbox or Production. Click Save.

    note note
    We recommend that you use a Production notification certificate in a Production environment. A Sandbox certificate will install in a Production environment without a problem, but you won’t receive notifications. If you have any questions about your environment or notification certificate, contact your Marketo Admin or Mobile Apps Developer.

    Nice! Now let’s configure your app to work with Android and iOS devices.