Template Engagement template-engagement

Follow the steps below to view your template engagement.

  1. Navigate to the Analytics page.

  2. Click the Content button and filter by the desired date range.

  3. Based on the selected date range, at the top of the page you can see the total number of emails and templates used across your team.

    Below that, your view is broken up into three sections:

    Secret Weapon - A template not yet shared across the team that is getting tons of engagement

    Highest Engagement - A template already shared across the team that is killing it in engagement

    Lowest Engagement - A template that needs some re-tinkering to its engagement rate (this template can either be shared or unshared across the team)

    From there, scroll down and see all templates created across your team based on their view rates within that selected date range. On an individual template level you can see: who created it, whether or not it’s shared, number of emails it was used with it, and tracking data (views, clicks, replies).