Setting up Account Profiling setting-up-account-profiling

Follow these steps to start using Account Profiling.

The following fields must not be hidden in order for Account Profiling to function properly.
  • Website
  • Company
  • Email
  • Country
Learn how to unhide a field here.
  1. In My Marketo, open Target Account Management.

  2. Click the Account Profiling tab.

  3. The Model tab is opened by default. Click Get Started.

  4. Give your model a name and choose the list type/list of people who will serve as the basis for the Ideal Customer Profile (ICP). Click Create Model when done.

  5. Your model will begin its build. It may take a while, but don’t worry, you’ll be notified when it’s done.

  6. To see the results of your model, click See Model Result.

    Your model is now created.

    note tip
    Now that your model is created, learn how to tune it.