Change a Report Time Frame change-a-report-time-frame

Change the time period covered by your report, to focus on a specific time of activity.

  1. Go to the Marketing Activities (or Analytics) area.

  2. Select your report from the navigation tree and click the Setup tab.

  3. Double-click the time frame field, labeled differently depending on report type:

    • Person Created At, in person reports
    • Sent Date, in email reports
    • Date of Activity, in all other reports

    note note
    Person Created At refers to the moment the person became known in your database.
  4. Choose the appropriate time frame from the drop-down menu.

    note tip
    To set specific dates, select Custom from the drop-down menu and enter the dates in the From and To calendar fields.

    Click the Report tab to see your report for the selected time frame.

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