Deploy the JavaScript for Content-AI deploy-the-javascript-for-content-ai

To use Predictive Content, you need to generate and set up your the RTP (Web Personalization) tag.

Generate Tag generate-tag

  1. Login to your Predictive Content account. Go to Account Settings.

  2. In Domain Configuration, locate the relevant domain and click Generate Tag.

  3. Copy and paste the Web Personalization tag into the HTML of your website.

    note note
    Copy the Web Personalization JavaScript tag and paste it as the first script in the header of your pages, between the <head> </head> tags. See more detailed implementation instructions here.
  4. Verify the tag appears on all pages, including landing pages and sub-domains. Check this by right-clicking on your website’s page. Go to View Page Source in a web browser. Search: ‘RTP’.

  5. Confirm that the Tag toggle set to ON.