Personalized Remarketing in Facebook personalized-remarketing-in-facebook

Personalized Remarketing lets you re-engage with your users using RTP Data and the power of Facebook Remarketing.


Creating an Audience in Facebook creating-an-audience-in-facebook

  1. In Facebook, go to your Audience tab in Ads Manager.

  2. Click Tools and select Audiences.

  3. Click Create a Custom Audience.

  4. Select Website Traffic.

  5. In the Website traffic list, select Custom Combination.

  6. In the Include list, select Event.

  7. In the Event list, select RTP Remarketing and select a parameter.

  8. For this example, select Industry to contain Education. Enter Education, and edit In the Last to be 180 days. Enter Audience Name: Education Industry. Click Create Audience.

  9. You have now created a new custom audience using RTP data in Facebook.

RTP Data Points in Facebook rtp-data-points-in-facebook

Event Name
RTP Remarketing
table 0-row-2 1-row-2 2-row-2 3-row-2 4-row-2 5-row-2 7-colspan-1 8-colspan-1 10-colspan-1 11-colspan-1 16-colspan-1 17-colspan-1 html-authored
Parameter Value
ABM List (Name of Account-Based List)

Fortune 500

Fortune 1000

Global 2000







Financial Services


Healthcare, Pharma, Biotech

Software and Internet

etc... (as per RTP Industry options)

Segmented Audience (Name of Segmented Audience created in RTP)

Target your Audience with an Ad target-your-audience-with-an-ad

For additional details, see Facebook’s documentation.

  1. Go to Ads Manager, Click Create Ad.

  2. Select Send people to your website as the objective of your campaign.

  3. Enter your website URL.

  4. Create your ad set. Select a custom audience from the list of Audiences you created, for example, Education Industry.

  5. Select all other ad set options, set your budget and define your ad creatives.

  6. You are now all set up with a personalized remarketing campaign in Facebook.