Personalized Remarketing in Google personalized-remarketing-in-google

Personalized Remarketing lets you re-engage with your users using RTP data and the power of Google Analytics with the reach of the Google Display Network.


Creating a Remarketing Audience in Google creating-a-remarketing-audience-in-google

  1. Log in to your Google Analytics. Click Admin, Account, Property. Click on Audience Definitions and Audiences.

  2. Click +New Audience.

  3. Link Configuration: Link to your Google Adwords account. Define Audience: Click Create New.

  4. In the Audience Builder, Click on Sequences and Find the RTP Data under Custom Dimensions, Custom Variables, Events.

How to find the RTP data in Analytics to build your audience?
In Google Analytics:
  • Custom Variables: Organization, Industry
  • Event Category: Segment, Insightera-CTA, RTP-Remarketing
  • Event Label: Segment Name, Campaign Name, Segmented Audience Name
In Google Universal Analytics:
  • Custom Dimensions: Organization, Industry, Category (Fortune 500,1000, Global 2000), Group (Enterprise, SMB), ABM List (Named Account List)
  • Event Category: RTP-Segment, RTP-Campaign RTP-Remarketing
  • Event Label: Segment Name, Campaign Name, Segmented Audience Name

Example of Remarketing Audience from RTP Segmented Audience Data

  1. Click Sequences.
  2. Select Event Label.
  3. Enter Name of Segmented Audience (as it appears in RTP).
  4. Click Apply.

Example of Audience from RTP Industry Data

  1. Click Sequences.
  2. Select RTP-Industry.
  3. Enter Name of Industry (eg. Financial Services, Education…).
  4. Click Apply.
  5. Enter an Audience Name. Click Save.

Create a Remarketing Ad Campaign in Google Adwords create-a-remarketing-ad-campaign-in-google-adwords

  1. Login to Google Adwords. Click on Campaigns, select Display Network only.

  2. Enter Campaign Name, Select Type Remarketing.

  3. Enter Ad Group Name, enter Enhanced CPC, Select Remarketing List.

  4. Click Save and continue.

  5. Add your Image or Text Ad and start your remarketing campaign.