Define Smart List Filters define-smart-list-filters

Now that you’ve created a Smart List and added filters to it, let’s define the filters. Here’s how.

Continuing our example, let’s define these filters to find all people in California with a score over 50.

  1. Go to Marketing Activities.

  2. Select the Smart List and click on the Smart List tab.

  3. Find and select “CA” for the State filter.

    note note
    You may be storing both “California” and “CA.” In order to filter for both values and include all people from California, learn how to add multiple values to a Smart List filter.
  4. Pick the greater than operator and enter “50.”

If you think you may have some records in your database that contain incomplete email addresses (e.g., just “”), use two Email Address filters when you’re using the “contains” operator. One filter with “contains,” and a separate filter with “contains” (leaving out the @ symbol).

You now know how to create a Smart List and add/define filters.