Map Custom Fields to Marketo map-custom-fields-to-marketo

You may want to collect more than the standard information Facebook stores by default, such as how often someone uses your online delivery service. You can accomplish this by creating custom questions in your Facebook lead ads.

However, Marketo will not automatically start gathering this data. In order for Marketo to start capturing custom field values, you must map those custom fields to a field in Marketo.

Here’s how to set this up in the LaunchPoint area of Admin.

Admin Permissions Required
  1. Go to the Admin area and click LaunchPoint. Under Installed Services, find and edit Facebook Lead Ads.

  2. Click Next.

  3. Leave the authorized account as is—do not make any changes. Click Next.

  4. As before, leave the selected pages as is—do not make any changes. Click Next.

  5. Here’s where you map the custom Facebook field to your Marketo field. Click Add.

  6. In the new row, enter the name of your Facebook custom field.

    note note
    Only fields that have been saved to Facebook form templates will appear as options here.
  7. Click in the Marketo Field column. Type to search for the field you want to map to. Once you’ve selected a field, click Save.

    note note
    If you don’t already have a field in Marketo to map the Facebook field to, learn how to create custom fields.
You must go through this process for any new Facebook field in order for Marketo to gather the data.