Drip, Drip, Nurture drip-drip-nurture

Mission: Nurture the people who attended your recent tradeshow mission-nurture-the-people-who-attended-your-recent-tradeshow

You can easily create an advanced and sophisticated nurture system in Marketo. Here’s how!

Step 1: Create an Engagement Program step-create-an-engagement-program

  1. Go to the Marketing Activities area.

  2. Select the Learning folder, click the New drop-down and select New Program.

  3. Enter a Name and select Engagement for the Program Type.

  4. Make sure the Channel field is Nurture and click Create.

    You’ve now created an engagement program.

Step 2: Create an Email step-create-an-email

  1. Select your engagement program, click New and select New Local Asset.

  2. Click Email.

  3. Enter a Name, select the Template you want to use, and click Create.

    note note
    Don’t see the email editor? Your browser probably blocked the window. Enable pop-ups from app.marketo.com in your browser and click Edit Draft in the top menu bar.
  4. Enter a subject.

  5. Select the area of the email you want to edit, click the gear icon and select Edit.

  6. Edit your email and click Save.

  7. Under Email Actions, click Approve and Close.

    note note
    Remember to approve your emails or you won’t be able to activate them later.
  8. Now create another email by repeating the actions in Steps 2-7.

Step 3: Add Content to Your Stream step-add-content-to-your-stream

Now it’s time to create a stream of content for your engagement program using the emails you created.

  1. Select your engagement program and click the Streams tab.

  2. Click the Add Content button in the stream.

    note tip
    You can also use the + icon.
  3. Leave the “Email” type selected. Find and select the two emails you created.

Step 4: Activate Stream Content step-activate-stream-content

  1. Activate all content at once by clicking on the stream gear icon, then click Activate all content.

    note note
    You can’t activate content without approving it first.

    Great work! One more step and the engagement program is ready.

Step 5: Set the Stream Cadence step-set-the-stream-cadence

  1. Click Set Stream Cadence.

  2. Edit the settings to match the schedule you want and click Save.

    Your engagement program is all set. Now let’s add a test person to your program.

    note note
    The test person is the person who checks your engagement program to test that it’s correct before sending to customers.

Step 6: Add a Test Person to Your Engagement Program step-add-a-test-person-to-your-engagement-program

  1. Go to the Database area.

  2. Search for your test person.

    note note
    Make sure the test person has a valid email address so you can confirm the receipt of emails when testing.
  3. Right-click on the person, then click Programs and Add to Engagement Program….

  4. Select your Program and Stream, then click Run Now.

  5. Mission Complete!

  6. You should receive email at the time and cadence you specified.

    note note
    Learn more about Engagement Programs.

Mission Complete! mission-complete

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