Import a List of People import-a-list-of-people

Mission: Import a spreadsheet list of trade show attendees into your database mission-import-a-spreadsheet-list-of-trade-show-attendees-into-your-database

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to import people from a spreadsheet file into Marketo.

Step 1: Download and Edit a Spreadsheet step-download-and-edit-a-spreadsheet

  1. To start, download our practice spreadsheet file (tradeshow-attendees.csv) to your computer.

    note note
    When importing a date, use this format: 9/21/20 (Month/Day/Year).
    note note
    Any date/time fields being imported are treated as Central Time. If you have date/time fields in a different time zone, you can use an Excel formula to transform it to Central Time (America/Chicago).
  2. Add your own first name, last name, actual email address (so you can receive the nurturing emails you’ll send in the next mission), and job title. Save the file on your computer.

    note caution
    Marketo does not support email addresses that contain emojis.

Step 2: Create a Program step-create-a-program

  1. Go to the Marketing Activities area.

  2. Select your Learning folder, then under New click New Program.

  3. Name the program “My Tradeshow Program” and select “Event” for the Program Type.

  4. Select Tradeshow for the Channel and click Create.

Event programs occur on specific dates. Learn more about Events.

Step 3: Import Your Spreadsheet into Marketo step-import-your-spreadsheet-into-marketo

  1. In My Tradeshow Program, click New and select New Local Asset.

  2. Select List.

  3. Name the list “Tradeshow Attendees” and click Create.

  4. In your Tradeshow Attendees list, click List Actions and select Import List.

    note caution
    If you are using your own CSV file, make sure that it is encoded UTF-8, UTF-16, Shift-JIS, or EUC-JP.
    note note
    The size limit for CSV files is 100MB.
  5. Browse to the tradeshow-attendees.csv spreadsheet file on your computer and click Next.

    note note
    In List Import Mode, choosing Skip new people and updates means you will not impact existing person records or log any activities. Use this mode if you want a quick, pre-filtered static list of existing people for use in your marketing activities. Selecting this mode will:
    • Skip new person creation
    • Skip person field updates
    • Skip activity logging
  6. Map your List Column fields to their respective Marketo Field and click Next.

    note tip
    Column headers should always match the field exactly (case sensitive) in order to achieve the best auto-mapping results. If you’re using custom fields and don’t see them in the drop-down, go back and create them so they can become options.
    note note
    If there are any fields you don’t want to import, select Ignore in the Marketo Field drop-down menu.
  7. Select My Tradeshow Program for the Acquisition Program, then click Import.

  8. Wait for your people to import, then close the import progress pop-up.

  9. Back in My Tradeshow Program, click the Members tab. You’ll see all the people you just imported.

You can analyze the success of your program by tracking program membership. Learn more about Programs.

Mission Complete mission-complete

Your tradeshow attendees are now members of your Marketo program!

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