SFDC Sync: Opportunity Sync sfdc-sync-opportunity-sync

How are opportunity details kept in sync between the two systems? how-are-opportunity-details-kept-in-sync-between-the-two-systems

The sync is one way: from Salesforce to Marketo Engage. Updates to opportunities in Salesforce will be synced to Marketo.

The credentials you enter in Marketo for Salesforce are used to sync data over. Only data those credentials have access to will be included.

Can I initiate an Opportunity Sync? can-i-initiate-an-opportunity-sync

No, you can’t. The changes to any opportunity in Salesforce will be synced over to Marketo automatically.

Does Marketo support more than one currency in the Opportunity Amount? does-marketo-support-more-than-one-currency-in-the-opportunity-amount

No, Marketo supports only one currency. The opportunity amount will be synced from Salesforce but the currency will be the default currency in your Marketo subscription.

How does Marketo associate opportunities and contacts? how-does-marketo-associate-opportunities-and-contacts

Marketo associates Opportunities and contacts using Opportunity Contact Roles. Opportunities without any Contact Roles assigned will sync to Marketo, but won’t belong to anyone. For example, the person won’t qualify the Has Opportunity filter.

How can I see all the opportunities of a person? how-can-i-see-all-the-opportunities-of-a-person

You can view a list of opportunities in the Opportunity Info tab in the Person Detail page.


  • Added to opportunity
  • Removed from opportunity
  • Opportunity is updated


  • Has Opportunity
  • Opportunity was Updated/Not Opportunity was Updated
  • Was Added to Opportunity/Not Was Added to Opportunity
  • Was Removed from Opportunity/Not Was Removed from Opportunity
  • Total Opty Amount
  • Number of Optys
  • Total Opty Expected Revenue
Check out the constraints on filters and triggers. Lots of cool details in there.
Just make a new field in the opportunity object in Salesforce and it will automatically become a constraint!