Agent Inbox agent-inbox

Agents will field live chats within the Agent Inbox. In addition to the active conversations, they can see past conversations, visitor information, and more.

Availability Toggle availability-toggle

On the upper-right side of the Agent Inbox screen, you have the option to set your status as available or unavailable.

This will override the live chat availability you established in Agent Settings. The status will remain until either you switch it back, or to the next block of time in your availability.
Setting your status to unavailable will not affect any active chats.

Live Chat Notifications live-chat-notifications

Learn more about notifications in the Live Chat Overview.

Conversations conversations

On the left side of the Agent Inbox screen, you can choose to display only the active conversations, or all of them.

While you can see past (inactive) conversations from yourself and other agents, you will only be able to see your own active conversations.

Visitor Information visitor-information

On the right side of the Agent Inbox screen, you’ll be able to see (from top to bottom) their: name, job title, email address, phone number, and CRM status. Any information not passed along will be displayed as a dash (-).

End a Session end-a-session

Agents have the ability to manually terminate a session simply by clicking the End session button next to the visitor information.

Activity History activity-history

Below the visitor information is activity history. View activity types and dates, and even view chat transcripts.

Information is displayed for the past 90 days only.

Calendar Sharing calendar-sharing

At the bottom of the live chat window is an icon that allows you to share your or another agent’s calendar with the chat visitor.

  1. Click the calendar icon.

  2. Choose the desired agent calendar and click Send.

  3. The chat visitor will be able to book a meeting.