View the Email Program Dashboard view-the-email-program-dashboard

Check out how your email program (with or without an A/B test) is performing with this dashboard.

For accurate reporting, avoid reusing an email from an email program, either by referencing it in a Smart Campaign or by moving the asset from the launched email program to a new one. Doing so will aggregate all of the data in every reporting dashboard attached to that email. If you need to reuse an email, please clone it instead, as that copies the email but creates a new one with a new email ID.

Select your Email Program select-your-email-program

  1. Go to Marketing Activities.

  2. Find and select your email program.

    note caution
    If your A/B test or email program has not started yet, you will not see a dashboard.

Email Program A/B Test View email-program-a-b-test-view

If you added an A/B test to your email program and the test is currently running, you will see the following:

Email Program View email-program-view

Alternatively, if you did not add an A/B test or if the test is over, the following should be displayed:

Experiment by hovering your cursor over the chart widgets. It will show you additional information.