Granting Access to Users granting-access-to-users

Follow the steps in this article to grant your Sales Connect users access to the Marketo connection. This will unlock features such as Interesting Moments in the Live Feed and access to Marketing Campaigns.

You will need to invite users to Sales Connect here, before they are visible in the Marketo > Team Access page (in Sales Connect), where access to the Marketo connection is granted.

Please wait ten minutes after connecting Sales Connect with Marketo before performing these steps.
  1. Select one or more users, then click Connect.

    note note
    You can only do the workspace assignment once at the time of granting access to users. After it’s set, you’ll have to disconnect the user in order to change it.

  2. If your Marketo subscription has workspaces enabled, you’ll be able to assign workspaces to each user or set of users in bulk. If no workspaces are selected, we’ll assign them to the Default Marketo workspace.

  3. Click the Workspace drop-down, select your desired workspace(s), and click Connect.

You can additional users from the Team Management page and follow the steps above to get them connected.