Define Period Costs define-period-costs

A period cost is the amount you spend on a program. It can be for one or more months and is used for reporting ROI.

Track and associate lead nurturing and lead acquisition costs for a Program or Event by defining when and where you want to take costs for leads.

At the beginning of a Program, enter forecasted costs. Once the period in the Program completes, you can edit the Period Cost and enter in the actual cost. This will provide you with accurate reporting results.

Define a Period Cost define-a-period-cost

  1. Access the Setup tab of your Program or Event.

  2. Drag and drop Period Cost to the canvas and the New Cost dialog box displays.

  3. Enter the Program Month you want to associate with the defined cost.

  4. Enter a Period Cost as a whole number without decimals or commas (max limit: 99999999)

    note note
    The currency (e.g. USD, EUR, etc.) is a global setting managed by a Marketo Admin
  5. Enter a descriptive Note (optional) and click Save.

Edit a Period Cost edit-a-period-cost

  1. Right-click the Period Cost and select Edit from the pop-up menu to open the Edit Cost dialog box.

  2. Edit the period cost as needed

Delete a Period Cost delete-a-period-cost

  1. Right-click the Period Cost you wish to delete and select Delete from the pop-up menu to display the Delete Cost prompt.

  2. Click Delete to permanently delete the Period Cost, or Cancel to go back.